Misadventures with a Wrap Top (AKA my latest sewing project)

Quick background: I taught myself how to sew via YouTube video tutorials and have been sewing for a year and a half now. Please note that I am not a professional, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt, ok?

HOO BOY. Just finished this particular sewing project at 1 AM on Friday night so that I could wear this wrap top top to my workplace on Saturday. Once I have my dress form back in my possession I’ll post a picture of it being modeled on there (as I make it a point not to post pictures of myself online unless it’s Facebook). I would have had this finished earlier, except I hit setback after setback so it took me a total of FOUR DAYS to put this top together when it could have easily just taken me one. >_> OY.

Anyways, this was the pattern that I used: Image

Vogue 8833, view D (sleeveless) to be more specific. I modified it slightly, however, by using two different patterns of Cassandra Quilting cotton (which you can grab at Fabricland if you are up in Canada like yours truly): One is a deep purple print that I used for the main portion of the top, and the other was a lavender print that I used for the front binding and the tie belts. I also used quilting cotton, and it turned out pretty decently, but next time I’d probably at least use proper shirtweight cotton to make this top.

To discuss how many times I messed up while doing this project, I will be breaking up this story into four one-day segments to get a good view at how frustrating that this project was for me, starting now:

DAY ONE: Having previously bought and washed my fabric (Tip: ALWAYS PREWASH YOUR COTTONS. This will prevent shrinking and seam warping later on), I cut out all the pieces and interfacing, only to find I didn’t have enough fabric for the collar or bindings. I also ran out of interfacing. Frustrated, I finish up for the day and vow to grab more the next day.

DAY TWO: More fabric in hand, I cut out and face remaining pieces together, but real life interfered and that was all I got done that day.

DAY THREE: I stitch the breast darts on both of the front pieces and finish the tie belt by putting the two halves of the belt pieces right sides together, stitching it up on the sides and at one end, then turning it right side out and pressing it flat before finishing the other end (yes, just belt. You’ll see why in a minute). I then attach it and the front facing binding to the front right piece. This is the result: WIN_20140425_145443

If you have worked with this particular pattern before, you are probably already laughing.

DAY FOUR: I prepare the binding for the other panel only to notice that there are two belts in the pattern instructions. Confused, I go back to check my pattern belt piece, and it indeed says to cut just two pieces. It is then, however, that I noticed the fold line. My big fat belt was actually supposed to be two skinny belts!

After headdesking a few times, out came the seam ripper. Fortunately this repair wasn’t too difficult to make, I just had to take the belt off and reassemble it, then reattach the two belts (one to each side) using a slipstitch by hand. It looks a little rough but not too noticeable.

I go to attach the binding on the left front panel only to notice that I’d accidentally had cut two right binding pieces so it didn’t match up. Insert more headdesking, cutting out new pieces and interfacing here. Fortunately this one fit properly, and the two halves were quickly done:
WIN_20140425_190238 It’s finally starting to shape up!

I quickly attach the side fronts, leaving a seam hole in one of them (which I had to adjust one inch lower because my waist is fairly long), which I then reinforce. I then zip up the side backs to the center back. This is the step that gives me the least amount of trouble during this whole process.


By now it is getting pretty late so I attach the front and back together at the shoulder and side seams, then go to finish the collar. It is then that I realize that I was only supposed to interface one collar piece, not both of them. Insert dropping my head into the crater made in my desk from earlier headdeskings here, along with cutting out a new piece. Fortunately that is the last of the major errors, and the collar is quickly formed and attached to the neck, though the slipstitching portion takes forever. By now it is getting close to midnight and my sister (who is also my roommate) is asleep in the next room over, so I move my machine to my bathroom to finish the armhole facings and the hem. I finish both of these at one in the morning, and my top is done!


I then fall into bed, where I then have six hours to sleep before I have to get up to go to work. OY.

Anyone else try the pattern out/have any questions about how I did it? Leave me a comment below!

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