For Meesha


The sewing community just lost a much loved and valued member two days ago. Tamisha Ridge of YouTube channel DIYMeesha fame and creator of the Facebook sewing group ‘Meesha Booh Sew Easy’ (of which I am a member) was killed in an act of domestic violence early Wednesday morning. It was a tremendous shock to everyone who knew her and were connected to her through the group, YouTube channel and multiple other means. With her dazzling smile, her beautiful personality that shone through her like a lantern, her love of Jesus and her generosity with sharing her gifts with others, she served as an inspiration to thousands and leaves a rich legacy here on Earth while now in Heaven.

I didn’t have any purple fabric to make a tribute piece for her for Domestic Violence Awareness (I used what I did have to make my wrap top which I wrote about in my second post) so I decided to write something instead, which I wrote today during slow periods at work. I only hope it does her some sort of justice.



Spools of thread dangle
from your fingertips
and with a smile, you
thread your needles
and, with hands and with machine
you start bringing the pieces together –
Buttons, zippers, lines of elastic,
All kinds of fabric, from chiffon to
cotton to canvas,
shiny and matte,
all unique, all beautiful.
Then the threads would change
from cotton and silk to
strands of your own hair,
and you begin to stitch together
children, family,
friends, a web of threads
stretched around the world,
and we were made the better for it.

The life of the seamstress
is tied to the needle,
to the rise and fall.
Sometimes fabrics snag,
threads tangle,
machines burn out,
needles dull over time.
Things get hard
and we want to give up,
but you just sit down and take out
the seam ripper and scissors
and build up patience as you work.

You were so beautiful,
outshining any piece that you created,
both outside
and inside,
showing through your eyes
like stars that could not be broken.

The needle rises and falls,
rises and falls,
rises and
rises and


The needle wasn’t supposed to
break yet.
We do not understand
why these things happen,
why you were taken from us.
I hope that someday
we will,
whether with our feet on
solid dust and cold cement
or entering through the gates
of gold,
but until that day,
your eyes shine on in memory
and your legacy of threads
and love remains.

We love you, Meesha.

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2 Responses to For Meesha

  1. Kendra says:

    The day I happened upon her channel and subscribed was the day I found out she was killed. Such a talented young woman who will be missed not only by her sewing community but more importantly by her family.

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