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How to insert an elastic waistband (one method): TUTORIAL WITH PICTURES

  Huzzah! My first sewing tutorial! I’ve had this waiting in the wings now for a while but never got around to writing and formatting it until now due to real life craziness and settling into my new job. Now … Continue reading

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For Meesha

The sewing community just lost a much loved and valued member two days ago. Tamisha Ridge of YouTube channel DIYMeesha fame and creator of the Facebook sewing group ‘Meesha Booh Sew Easy’ (of which I am a member) was killed … Continue reading

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  If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve recently had to pack up everything and move back to my hometown for the summer, and with that and getting ready for my summer job it’s been hectic. That being said, I FINALLY HAD … Continue reading

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Jackie Hill’s “Jig-a-Boo”

My mother shared this video with me over a year ago, when I was struggling with false doctrine after God brought me out of not one but two very toxic churches, and to this day I can almost recall every … Continue reading

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Misadventures with a Wrap Top (AKA my latest sewing project)

Quick background: I taught myself how to sew via YouTube video tutorials and have been sewing for a year and a half now. Please note that I am not a professional, so take whatever I say with a grain of … Continue reading

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Christianity, writing, sewing, video editing, cosplay, fanfiction, books, music, DIY and a thousand other things besides…

That is basically what this blog will be in a nutshell; it’s Exactly What It Says On The Tin. My name is Leah, but you can call me Ozy. I am from the land of Ice, Snow and Tim Hortons, … Continue reading

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