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How to insert an elastic waistband (one method): TUTORIAL WITH PICTURES

  Huzzah! My first sewing tutorial! I’ve had this waiting in the wings now for a while but never got around to writing and formatting it until now due to real life craziness and settling into my new job. Now … Continue reading

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For Meesha

The sewing community just lost a much loved and valued member two days ago. Tamisha Ridge of YouTube channel DIYMeesha fame and creator of the Facebook sewing group ‘Meesha Booh Sew Easy’ (of which I am a member) was killed … Continue reading

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Misadventures with a Wrap Top (AKA my latest sewing project)

Quick background: I taught myself how to sew via YouTube video tutorials and have been sewing for a year and a half now. Please note that I am not a professional, so take whatever I say with a grain of … Continue reading

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Christianity, writing, sewing, video editing, cosplay, fanfiction, books, music, DIY and a thousand other things besides…

That is basically what this blog will be in a nutshell; it’s Exactly What It Says On The Tin. My name is Leah, but you can call me Ozy. I am from the land of Ice, Snow and Tim Hortons, … Continue reading

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