If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve recently had to pack up everything and move back to my hometown for the summer, and with that and getting ready for my summer job it’s been hectic. That being said, I FINALLY HAD TIME TO SEW, and boy, did I ever use it! Between Saturday and today I have made six different items for summer, five which were a success and one of which was a total failure. Later today I will also be doing more sewing, as tomorrow I have orientation for work and after that I have no idea what time I’m going to be having for sewing or anything else.


Project 1: Bandeau bra

For obvious reasons I will not be modeling this, haha. If you have ever seen a black bandeau, however, this is no different. Finished this project in about three hours and it fits decently, but the padding I bought for it was too big o I won’t be wearing this until I can find the proper padding for it.


Project 2: Romper

I have pictures of this so I’ll post them later with my face shopped out of it.

I made this using Sectetlifeofabionerd’s “how to turn a t-shirt into a romper” tutorial and a pair of loose sleeping shorts and a tank nightie as a base pattern so I could get that Doric chiton drape in the waist and nice flow in the shorts. I must say, it turned out rather well and is very light and comfortable. It is a tank-top up top so I’ll be taking pictures of what yours truly did with the back later.

Time it took to make: One day (literally, this wasn’t very difficult).
Skills learned: How to set up an elastic channel properly.

Project 3: Knit Sheath Dress



Here it is, in all it’s comfy, soft glory! This dress was probably one of the easiest projects I have done in a long time. Finished it in about 4-5 hours over a two day span, including pattern drafting and cutting. It is a very comfortable dress, perfect for summer. My only question now is whether I should add a pocket to the front like a hoodie or whether I should just leave the dress as is. Readers: Your thoughts?


Project 4: Biking Shorts

This also technically falls under the lingerie category so no pictures here. These shorts are made to be worn underneath work coveralls during the summer so that I don’t die with heat, whilst at the same time if I suddenly have to take off my coveralls in an emergency (if I get chemicals spilled on me, for example, or if they catch on fire) I will still be somewhat modestly dressed.


 Project 5: Leather-like leggings

Ok, now onto possibly the most fun thing that I have sewn in a while. A while ago I bought some leather-like knit on sale at Fabricland and decided to make a pair of leggings out of it for fun. The results looked AWESOME, especially when they are paired with my leather jacket and knee-high studded leather boots. It looks like all I need is the Harley, haha. I’ll possibly have pics of the leggings up later as well, though not of me modeling them.


However, not everything I make is a total success, so let us now move on to Project # 6, or my first fail project: Tam Hat (or as it is known as, the Big Fat Ugly Newfie Shower Cap.




It looks innocent enough, just a tam made out of Newfoundland tartan to reflect my Newfie heritage, right? Sadly, however, this is not the case. To be blunt, I look like a tartan pizza fell onto my head from the ceiling when I wear it, or worse, like I should be saying ‘I’m sorry Mario, but your princess is in another castle!’ It just goes to how that you can’t win them all, I suppose…

So that wraps up the first few days of sewingpalooza! Hopefully I’ll have a few new things to show you guys soon!



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